Spring Break 2007, Part Two

So, we left Oklahoma City and headed for Santa Fe. It was out of the way (we really should have gone through Albuquerque), but I wanted to see Sante Fe so that’s what we did. There wasn’t a whole lot there, but it was cute and I got some jewelry for cheap.

THEN we hit Phoenix. Mike and Sally were kind enough to provide us with deluxe accommodations, and the kids didn’t want to leave. Truth be told, we didn’t want to leave either. The weather was finally Spring Break weather, and we enjoyed shopping in Scottsdale (I got another tattoo!) and a wonderful dinner at Ko’sin, the restaurant at the Wild Horse resort in Phoenix. Not easy to find, but worth the drive. We also dropped in on Gavan, Stacey and little Gavan 2.0. Totally cute family.



We grudgingly left Mike and Sally’s to head for the Canyon and our main destination, the Skywalk. After a rough ride on 18 miles of dirt road (which my Jeep handled like a champ) we arrived. Sadly, ChipMonkey was not allowed on the Skywalk, nor were any cameras. But it was pretty cool anyway, and we hung out up there for a while taking in the scenery and looking down 4,000 feet between our feet. Oh, and they make you wear funny little booties over your shoes so you don’t scratch the glass.


Oh, and Kory almost died …


After the canyon, we drove 40 (!) miles on ANOTHER bumpy dirt road … for no real reason other than Chip wanted to do it. I’d like to mention here that it’s a friggin’ miracle that Alex didn’t get a migraine. Heck, it’s a friggin’ miracle that none of us got a migraine, really.


Spring Break 2007, Part One

Okay, so it took me a little longer to sit down and post something than I thought it would. Shut up, I’m on vacation.

First, let me say that we have seen some of the nuttiest “spring” weather EVER on this trip. There was a blizzard that followed us through New Mexico and Texas. That’s just not right, y’all.

Anyway, for part one I give you some highlights from the drive, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City. That gets us to Tuesday, and you’ll just have to wait for the rest.

First and foremost, Chip bought me the coolest vacation gift ever in a Canon Rebel XT, with which all of these photos were taken. Chip is the best fiance ever.

I drove a lot on this trip.


Chip drove a lot too, but he also spent a lot of time playing with the new camera.


The boys spent a lot of time doing this:


Our first stop was in St. Louis, where we stayed with Sarah and Dave.

Dave knows everything about St. Louis. Seriously.


Stop number two was in Oklahoma City. There wasn’t much exciting there, but the boys sure did like the Marriott.


We drove some more … stay tuned for stop number three … Santa Fe, followed closely by Phoenix. Phoenix was fantastic.

Oh, and my car passed 20,000 miles!


Well, it’s been a minute

I’m sure we all realize that I suck at keeping this thing up. However, lots has happened in the last few months. Chip and I bought a house, Chip killed my Jeep, and Chip asked me to marry him. I’ll stick with the marriage part, because it’s the coolest part. I think so, anyway.

I actually thought that Chip was kidding when he proposed, but it turns out he was quite serious. Go figure. So, we’ll go elope one of these days and have a lovely dinner with friends and family when we return. Wish us luck!

Oh, I DID get a kick ass ring:


Newton, aka Cujo

Everybody knows Newton. See how cute he is?


Only lately, he’s more apt to look like this:

It’s driving me insane, and I’ve even gone so far as to talk with some rescues, but the general consensus is that if a dog is aggressive, no one will take him. Which leaves me with two options: spend lots and lots (more) time and money training him not to kill on sight, or have him euthanized. If you know me, you know that option number 2 is out of the question.

So, I’m starting out with Duffy Dog Training, who we’ve been to see a couple of times already. Newton responds well to the training while he is there, but it still a terror at home. Duffy’s uses a slip collar training method, which isn’t my favorite since it looks to bystanders as though you’re trying to hang your dog, but he does respond, which is more than I can say for any of the other training methods I’ve tried.

So, if anyone out there knows any magic solutions to dealing with aggressive animals, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In the mean time, if I don’t invite you over, don’t take it personally. I’m just trying to keep you from getting eaten.


So, after much down time and the horror of having no internet access and no PC to play with, Chip broke down and bought one of these and essentially rebuilt my computer.  It makes me happy, not only because it now works, but because it’s about half the size of my old tower, which had its own zip code.  So Angelpoop and chiplynch.com are both back up.

Lessee … I’m working for this fine company with my good friend Jennifer now.  I get to dig up dirt on people and do some of the graphic design/web development I like so much, so I’m pretty happy for the time being.  Although I will say that people who are buying and selling property can be some of the crankiest individuals I’ve ever encountered.  Seriously people … relax.  It’ll get done, and screaming rarely helps to accomplish anything.

Kory’s grades are looking spectacular this semester, partially thanks to the hard work he put in to his “Memoirs of a Geisha” Project.  I just know the teacher is going to try to keep it, and let me tell you, she’s got another think coming. 


Update … Does anyone actually read this drivel?

Kory is adjusting quite well to the 7th grade (!) and ran his first meet of the Cross Country season with a time of 7:32 for one mile. Not too shabby. He will run another meet at Atherton High School on Saturday, September 30 at 8:00 a.m., a 3K. There is a 5K later in the day, and he’d like to run both, but we’ll see.

This weekend, Kory and I will be a part of his godmother, and my dear friend, Tara’s wedding. I’m a bridesmaid, Kory is a Junior Groomsman, and is looking forward to wearing his tux with panache and riding in the limo. Check out our photo gallery for pictures of the event (after 9/23/06), and other general photos of the goings-on in our lives.

I’m working at Messer Construction for the time being — it’s a temp to permanent position, but I’m really just biding my time until I can go back to school in the Spring. Unless anyone knows where I can find my dream job … in which case you should let me know immediately.


Okay, so I’m a little lax in updating this thing. AnYwAy, Kory ran his 5K with great succes, beating his personal record by over 3 minutes and raising a total of $425 for the Kentucky Humane Society! Check out some pictures here.

In other news, we’ve moved and are still trying to unpack and purge some junk so that we can all fit into the house, but it looks promising.