I should learn to keep my mouth shut …

No time at all passed between my last post and a series of events that ensured I was unable to “just chill” and enjoy having finished school.

First of all, our house was burglarized. While it may have been something of an overreaction, I took that as a sign that it was time to move. I found a bigger house with a yard for the dogs in a nicer neighborhood … the only catch was the carpet in the kitchen. And the bathroom. Carpet.

Say it with me: Who does that?

I agreed to rent the place if I was allowed to replace the offending floor covering with something more appropriate. Chip graciously donated a large chunk of his vacation and considerable skill to the project. My kitchen is now lovely, and the bathroom isn’t half bad either.

Additionally, the second floor smelled like a rabbit hutch. Have you ever smelled rabbit pee? It’s gross. It took three and a half gallons of Nature’s Miracle (which is a wonderful product) to rid the carpet of the stink. What a pain.

Home invasions and moving aside, I also went from being a full time student to a full time employee without blinking – actually, I  started working before I’d even finished classes. However, the job for which I was hired was billed as: proofreader/copy editor/technical writer. What they actually wanted was: a proofreader. Highly technical documents in nine languages where all the proofreader does is look for stray commas and the like. Ick. That isn’t what I went to school for, it was boring as all get out, and frankly, I sucked at it.

As it happened, my former boss from Technology First (where I interned as a student for two years) left the organization for a new opportunity. That left his position open, and I jumped at the chance to fill his shoes. I love it, and I think I’m really good at it. My title is Communications Coordinator, but really I am responsible for half of everything the organization does. It’s crazy and busy, but it’s a ton of fun.

Kory has also started driving, which is wonderful from a logistic perspective yet terrifying from a parental perspective. I alternate between being thrilled that I don’t have to play taxi to freaking out if he’s home fifteen minutes later than expected. It’s a roller coaster.

All told, I fervently hope that there will be few major changes in my future. I’m just fine with things the way they are, and I don’t need any more milestones.

Somewhere in there we took a vacation to North Carolina, which was sublime, and I will post pictures soon. Kory and his friend Kevin learned to surf. It was awesome.

Now What?

When most students graduate college, at least those who are not immediately embarking upon adventures in graduate school, they experience a plethora of emotions.  First, accomplishment.  We are members of the 22% of Americans with a bachelor’s degree.  That’s not a huge percentage, and a four-year degree is a big accomplishment.  Second, freedom.  I used Wikipedia as a source for the statistic in the previous point, and it felt goooood (actually it didn’t, and I’m itching to go find a more reliable source, but that would defeat my purpose).  Taking that last final and realizing we will be able to read for pleasure again, or not read at all if we so choose, creates a sense of euphoria. Third, anxiety.  After the “school’s out” high wears off, we begin to wonder what we’re going to do with our shiny new degrees, a prospect that can be terrifying.  The economy is still struggling, and the market is flooded with degree-holding job seekers, some of whom have the real-world experience that puts them ahead of younger graduates.

Luckily, I fall into the category of recent graduates with real-world experience and I landed a terrific job in the exact field I wanted.  Not only does this mean I get to do something I love, it means I get to stick my tongue out at all the naysayers who claim a liberal arts education is worthless in the current economic climate.

So, you might ask, what’s my problem?  My problem is that I’m only a few weeks past that stressful “last” final, and I already miss it.  Not because I don’t like my job, and not because I hate the “real world,” but because there is still so much to learn.  If there is a downside to my job, it’s that I read all day and am not terribly inclined to read for pleasure (or education) at home (at least not yet, I know I have plenty of time to adjust).  But while I was in school, there was always something new, even if it was something I didn’t like, and there was always something to talk about.  While technical writing is precisely what I went to school for and I love it (most aspects of it, anyway) it does not make for terribly enthralling dinner conversation.  I was inspired at school … I would come up with new ideas all the time or jot down things to write about or books to read “when I graduate.”  Now that the time has come, I find myself struggling with what to read, or write, or do with my spare time.

I find myself looking for “the next big milestone.” My brain seems to have a checklist (as I’m sure many other brains have), and now that it’s ticked off “graduate” and “get a job” it’s searching for the next accomplishment to cross off the list.  While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s making me a little nuts.  I’m so overwhelmed with worrying about the next big thing, I’m not taking the time to enjoy my life as it is right now.  I can pay my bills, I have a caring network of family and friends, and if there is any justice my son will have his driver’s license in a couple of weeks and I will no longer be a taxi service.  (Okay, that last one comes with its own anxiety, but it’s been a long time coming and I am ready for that boy to drive.)

My solution is this: just chill.  I can write a book if I want to, and it doesn’t have to be this week.  I can move to a nicer place if I want to, but my current place isn’t bad and I’ll save money by staying there anyway.  I just need to breathe for a while, and exist in the now.




I’m officially employed again, or at least I will be after I fill out the requisite mountain of paperwork.  I just accepted a position as a tutor at Wright State’s University Writing Center, where I will guide young collegiate minds through the challenges of academic writing.  I’m hoping this will give me some insight as to whether I would rather teach or run screaming from the field of academia to rejoin the corporate world after graduation.  Wish me luck!


So, after much down time and the horror of having no internet access and no PC to play with, Chip broke down and bought one of these and essentially rebuilt my computer.  It makes me happy, not only because it now works, but because it’s about half the size of my old tower, which had its own zip code.  So Angelpoop and chiplynch.com are both back up.

Lessee … I’m working for this fine company with my good friend Jennifer now.  I get to dig up dirt on people and do some of the graphic design/web development I like so much, so I’m pretty happy for the time being.  Although I will say that people who are buying and selling property can be some of the crankiest individuals I’ve ever encountered.  Seriously people … relax.  It’ll get done, and screaming rarely helps to accomplish anything.

Kory’s grades are looking spectacular this semester, partially thanks to the hard work he put in to his “Memoirs of a Geisha” Project.  I just know the teacher is going to try to keep it, and let me tell you, she’s got another think coming. 


Update … Does anyone actually read this drivel?

Kory is adjusting quite well to the 7th grade (!) and ran his first meet of the Cross Country season with a time of 7:32 for one mile. Not too shabby. He will run another meet at Atherton High School on Saturday, September 30 at 8:00 a.m., a 3K. There is a 5K later in the day, and he’d like to run both, but we’ll see.

This weekend, Kory and I will be a part of his godmother, and my dear friend, Tara’s wedding. I’m a bridesmaid, Kory is a Junior Groomsman, and is looking forward to wearing his tux with panache and riding in the limo. Check out our photo gallery for pictures of the event (after 9/23/06), and other general photos of the goings-on in our lives.

I’m working at Messer Construction for the time being — it’s a temp to permanent position, but I’m really just biding my time until I can go back to school in the Spring. Unless anyone knows where I can find my dream job … in which case you should let me know immediately.