On Cooking

Occasionally, I get a little depressed.

It’s raining SO MUCH right now it’s hard for me to NOT be depressed. However, cooking relaxes me. And not just cooking … cooking food for others.

I will rarely cook a meal for myself … I’m more likely to make a sandwich or reheat something. But if I’m feeding people, I will go all out. The second oil hits the pan and I start to sauté garlic and onion, stress leaves my body.

I won’t bother to post recipes … everything I do is fairly simple, and I’ve snagged recipes from some of the best. But if my son has a request – grilled chicken for his birthday, or steaks just because it’s Tuesday, or risotto because he wants to learn how to make it – I’ll grant it. I love to cook.

I will go days, sometimes weeks, when I don’t feel like making the effort. Some days it’s all I can do to drop Kory off at school, go to class, go to work, pick Kory up, do homework, and throw in a load of laundry. Those nights we order pizza, or I heat up frozen lasagna. I am not a chef.

However, I LOVE food shows such as Top Chef or No Reservations … I read books by Anthony Bourdain and worship Tom Colicchio. I know I am a true chef’s worst nightmare … I know just enough to be dangerous.

What I hope these professionals know is that they inspire the small-time cook. I hope they know that when women descend upon their local groceries en mass looking for pearl onions so they can make boeuf bourgignon “a la Julia Child,” they are paying homage to a great profession, and merely trying to imitate its results.

You know what they say about imitation, don’t you?

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