Because You All Want to Hear About My Weekend …

I had a very nice weekend in Louisville, where I got to have a girls’ night, host a baby shower, and see my beautiful niecii. There are three now, in case you weren’t keeping track.

I don’t have photos of girls’ night, but I had a wonderful time hanging out with Laura, Melanie, and Julia. I didn’t even mind the fact that they made me watch U of L play – it was a good game, and I’m glad the Cards pulled it off.

The shower was for Kory’s cousin Matara, who doesn’t much care to have her photo taken, but I told her she’d thank me later. Little does she know I’m a photo addict and can’t help taking pictures, no matter who the subject is. (Yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. I’m almost done with the quarter, so deal.)

Anyway, the best photo I have of Matara refuses to upload properly, so I’m using the second best.


And here are all of the lovely ladies who attended:


Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s Chip’s house (where he kindly allowed us to host the shower) but I really like that photo. Everyone looks great.

My absolute favorite photo of Riley also refuses to upload properly, so you’ll have to settle for this:


If you didn’t already know what cute looks like, that’s it. For further proof, see the following:




I would also like to point out that Riley has gone from this:


To this:


Goofy dog.

The Tot Returns

Tatie, aka Tater Tot, aka Slim Tatie, etc. has finally joined us at the new abode. He stayed over with Chip for a while so that I could sneak him in after my landlord made some repairs (since I MAY have neglected to mention that I own a cat when I moved in. If you knew what they were charging for the dogs, you’d understand). At any rate, he’s quite happy to be back with the menagerie and even seems to be coping with the fact that I cut him off from wet food, cold turkey.

Riley was ridiculously happy to see him … she keeps dangling toys in front of him as though he’s going to grab on and play tug-of-war, but all Tatie does is look at her disdainfully, as if to say, “Dude. I’m a cat.”


Welcome home, Tot.


I’m hoping that by posting these photos, the cold weather will take its leave for the season.

It was actually quite funny – I was standing in front of Chip’s house trying to take artsy photos of the massive icicles that hung from the gutters.  It was ABSURDLY cold out, and no matter what I did, my camera wouldn’t take the shots I wanted.  At first I thought it was the time of day – too much light, not enough light, shooting into the sun – something.  I played with the manual focus, auto focus, white balance, f-stop, whatever.  No matter what I did, the shot wouldn’t snap until I was just about fed up with standing there pressing the button.

Figure it out yet?  Yeah.  The self-timer was on.  Therefore, if any of these shots are even remotely good, it is purely by accident.

(I recommend clicking on them to zoom in – the detail in the ice is kind of cool)