So my Mom will feel better …

Christmas was all sorts of fun, and the best gift I received was the opportunity to hold my beautiful new niece Emmy (aka Emily) for as long as I wanted.  It was very rewarding, although I have to admit that watching Vicki hold her tiny daughter was even more joyous.  My sister and her partner have become such wonderful parents, and I love watching them as a family.  Joslyn is gorgeous and graceful (as only a four-year-old can be) and Emmy is already becoming a determined little girl who wants to look at the world around her all by herself, thank you very much.



Jos was not in a photo mood, so this is the best I have of her:


I think my Mom looks so pretty in this shot, I had to include it.


Katie, my other lovely niece, seems to get more beautiful each time I see her.  She has so much of Amy in her, and I love watching her interact with everyone.  When Katie talks, she sounds like she’s delivering lines from a play.  Every word is intentional and specific, and her voice sounds like a tiny little bell.


Also, my son is a bit of a dork.


I’m sure he doesn’t get it from me.

During my stay in Louisville, I lost my keys.  I hated the feeling of not being able to get in my Jeep and go wherever I liked, so I only spent a short hour turning my parents’ house upside down before I called a locksmith to come create a new key for the Jeep.  Apparently, there are “transponders” in Jeep keys, something of which I was unaware, so it’s kind of expensive to replace the keys that will actually start the ignition (as opposed to those that will only unlock the doors).  After I had a locksmith replace the key, I went about my day feeling a little better, although I was still upset about having to replace all of the little doodads that we stick on our key chains … Kroger card, gym membership card (yeah, I don’t use it, but I like that I CAN use it), library card, etc.

The next morning, my mother found my keys.  They were in a little picnic basket in her kitchen, where she had dropped them in an effort to clean off the kitchen table.  It was, literally, the last place anyone would have looked for my keys.  But there they were, and I was relieved to have them in my hands again.

Mom feels terrible about this, of course.  However, to make her feel better about her forgetfulness, I offer the following:

Today, Chip and I stopped at the animal clinic where I board Tatie to pick him up.  Poor cat … he hates being there and he makes me suffer every time I have to leave him, but we were all gone for several days and there wasn’t any other way to be certain he’d be cared for.  While I waited, I handed my Jeep registration to Chip and asked him to please put the sticker on my license plate while I got Tatie settled in his carrier for the ride home.  Just as I was ready to leave, Chip walked back in with an unbelievably comical expression on his face.  I asked if he’d put the sticker on the wrong plate (in Ohio you have to have plates on the front AND back of your vehicle).  He replied that he had not only put the sticker on the wrong plate, he had put it on the wrong CAR.  In case you were wondering, those stickers do NOT come off.

So, somewhere in Ohio there is a person driving a Jeep Cherokee (I drive a Liberty, a fact that will not be lost on Chip from here on out) with a sticker that lists their car as registered until January of 2011.  My registration, however, expires in a couple of weeks.  We’ve ordered replacement tags in the mean time, but you can’t deny that this is substantially more ridiculous that my mother misplacing my keys.

So, Mom?  Don’t sweat it.  You could have done something MUCH more absurd.

Thanks Aplenty

So, Joslyn turns four on December 8th, but the impending arrival of her sister made it more sensible to celebrate on Thanksgiving.


And new baby sister did indeed arrive, via c-section, this afternoon, weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 3 ounces. After MUCH debate about this poor child’s name, her parents decided on Emily Sophia. I think it suits her.


I can’t wait to meet her in person this weekend – Congratulations, Karen and Vicki!