Oooh, Shiny

Check this craziness out.


I’ve really never seen anything like it — as you can see, we did not get the predicted 5-8 inches of snow that would shut down schools and businesses, but we did get a really strange combination of snow and ice that kept Kory home from school and closed Wright State for the day. Even the Air Force Base opened late.

Anyway, I encourage you to look at the full sized version of the photo – you can see the mailboxes reflected in the sheet of ice that coated our paltry inch of snow.

Happy Birthday to Me, Belatedly

I just realized that I never got around to posting about Chip’s ultra-cool birthday gift (to me).  It’s a lathe!

What’s a lathe, you say?  Well, it’s a very nifty piece of machinery that is used to make cool stuff like baseball bats and goblets and bowls and anything else you can turn out of wood.

Not that I needed another hobby, but ever since I went to Woodcraft and saw turned bowls and goblets I’ve wanted to try it, and now I can!  I’m not terribly good at it yet, but I managed to make a tiny little cup out of a scrap of wood the nice man at Woodcraft gave me, and I’m darned proud of it.  I had help, of course.

Special thanks to Joe for carting the thing up from Louisville!

Here’s the rough cut of the wood the nice Woodcraft man gave me (it’s butternut, if you care):

78308   78311

Here’s me lathing (you can tell ’cause of the red hair, fairy tattoo, and UK shirt.  What you CAN’T tell is that the piece of wood in this photo is moving at 7600 RPMs, roughly):



Here’s Chip lathing:


Here’s Joe lathing:


And here’s the little cup.  It’s a bit sad, but not terrible for a first attempt.  I hope to improve, so that I can lathe pepper grinders for everyone for Christmas (please tell me now if you’re allergic to pepper):


Right now I’m working on a birthday gift for Krista (I can say that here because I know she never reads my blog) and I’ve hit some snags.  It’s definitely a challenging hobby, but it’s loads of fun!  So if you’d like to turn your very own baseball bat, or if your son’s satanic dog chewed up the rungs on the chairs to the dining set you inherited from your grandmother and you want to replace them *cough,* I now have a lathe that you’re welcome to come play with, thanks to my loving and thoughtful fiancé.